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Nippon Open Championships:

Here are the names of the medal winners :

Results : 6 December 2015










Jnr Boys White Belts grp 1 


Tom Batty NIP


Josh Batty NIP


D'Angelo Maclaren NIP


Jnr Boys White Belts grp 2


Braden Fitzgerald JNH


Chris Hickey NIP


Liam Turner NIP


Jnr Boys White Belts grp 3


Philip Aicken JNH


Torr Beaman NIP


Eli Herbst NIP


Jnr Boys White Belts grp 4


Baker Peri NIP


Anthony Moir HOW


Seb Lewis MIL


Jnr Boys White Belts grp 5


Jai Nielson JNH


Lucas Matheson MIL


Oliver Lee MIL


Jnr Boys White Belts grp 6


Oliver Whiteman NIP


Charlie Dibble NIP


Tate Kelly NIP


Jnr Boys White Belts grp 7


Mio Van Mil HOW


Alex Turok NIP



Jnr Boys White Belts grp 8


Cassius Raycroft JNH




Jnr Boys White Belts grp 9


Liam Back NIP


Liam McKenzie NIP


Nathan Carter HOW


Jnr Boys White Belts grp 10


Sol Vermeer MIL


Talan Lau JNH


Reeves Angel HOW


 Jnr Boys White Belts grp 11


Jayden Kuter VAL


Jack Robertson JNH







Jnr Boys grp 1


Hayden Brosius JNH


Kris Hollings NIP


Fletcher Rouse NIP


Jnr Boys grp 2


Matz Beaman NIP


Jackoby Herrick JNH


Hanzah Al-Ani HOW


Jnr Boys grp 3


Matthew Wong JNH


Braden McGregor NIP


Tana Hoogeveen JNH


Jnr Boys grp 4


Ali Al-Ani HOW


Phoenix Boltar NIP


Blake Stainton NIP


Jnr Boys grp 5


Anton Aicken JNH


Jack Phillips MET



Jnr Boys grp 6


Keegan Rice NIP


Viktor Losev NIP


Cole Wright MET


Jnr Boys grp 7


Daniel Kalepa NIP


Keir Beaman NIP



Jnr Boys grp 8


William Hewitson HOW


Luca Langenbach MIL



Jnr Boys grp 9


Lenny Thornton NIP


Luke Thomson NIP







Girlsgrp 1


Caitlyn Brosius JNH


Ella Troughton NIP


Renee Simmonds NIP


Girlsgrp 2


Sophie Brunton NIP




Girlsgrp 3


Hollie Rouse NIP


Elizabeth Tickner NIP



Girlsgrp 4


Lucy Brunton NIP


Aurora Boltar NIP


Siena Potvin NIP


Girlsgrp 5


Amaya Philip NIP


Esther Phillips MET


Claudia Stewart HOW


Girlsgrp 6


Halina Free MET


Amber Rouse NIP


Rose-Anna Bryce MIL


Girlsgrp 7


Maya Potvin NIP


Hayley Samosani HOW



Girlsgrp 8


Hayley Gatward HOW


Cristyn Kones NIP



Girlsgrp 9



Jessie Boudier WJA


Hamish Field STH






Snr Boys grp 1


Deadre Herrick JNH


Rafe Beaman NIP


Leo Schumacher JNH


Snr Boys grp 2


Kobe Philip NIP


Cam Steinberg MIL


Damian Prime JNH


Snr Boys grp 3


Hamish Murray MET


Teddy Pryce-Jones NIP


Sam Jellie JNH


Snr Boys grp 4


Blake Platt NIP


Matthew Free MET


Xenon Herbert HEN


Snr Boys grp 5


Zeke Thornton NIP


Fynn Kellmann NIP



Snr Boys grp 6


Keegan Rautenbach NIP

Connor Fleming MET



Results : Nippon Open of 7 December 2014


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Boys u/11

White Belt




Div 1

Yuvraj Walia (HOW)

Matz Beaman (NJS)

Alexey Kuzmenco (JNH)

Div 2

Brayden McGregor (NJS)

Logan Forsyth (NJS)

Jack Rayner (HOW

Div 3

Ryan Allen (NJS)

William Pefers (NJS)

Jake Dawson (HOW)

Div 4

Finn Bogaert (HOW)

Kody Pollard (NJS)

Cayce Beasley (MIL)

Div 5

Gannon Platts-Mills (NJS)

Tom Pefers (NJS)

Cambell Brighouse (NJS)

Graded Boys u/11




Div 1

Hayden Brosius (JNH)

Blake Stainton (NJS)

Jonny Milne (NJS)

Div 2

Anton Aickin (JNH)

Phoenix Boltar (NJS)

Thennet De Koster (NJS)

Div 3

Keir Beaman (NJS)

Hugo Fletcher (MIL)

Ullrich Fuering (WJA)

Div 4

Daniel Ottenhof (NJS)

Rafe Beaman (NJS)

Willem H-Townley (HOW)

Div 5

Niek Visser (HOW)

Liam Clarke (JNH)

William T-Collings (WJA)

Div 6

Ryan Mayer (HOW)

Teddy Pryce-Jones (NJS)

Luca Langenbach (MIL)





Div 1

Anneet Walia (WJA)

Caitlin Brosius (JNH)


Div 2

Lucy Brunton (NJS)

Esther Papanui (HOW)

Niamh Platts-Mills (NJS)

Div 3

Jade Milne (NJS)

Natia Tsulaia (MIL)

Shannon Forsyth (NJS)

Div 4

Chelise Tomai (WJA)

Taylor Musso (NJS)

Ashung Shana (MIL)

Div 5

Fiona Do (HOW)

Christyn Jones (NJS)

MacKenzie Bond (NJS)

Div 6

Charlotte Pryce-Jones (NJS)

Emily T-Jones (MIL)

Charlotte Thomas (NJS)

Div 7

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Nippon Judo Schools is a business venture, born out of a passion for Judo and education. This is the driving force behind the founder, Johan Boshoff.


Johan spent his childhood in South Africa, coached by his mentor and "second dad" Kokkie Uys. Through this man, he developed a love for the sport, and got an insight in the benefits the sport bring to participants. These benefits are not only for the few people who compete, but for the majority of others involved in other aspects of the sport, such as recreation, administration and just being parents of participants.


After emigrating to New Zealand in 2000, Johan started Nippon Judo Schools on the Auckland North Shore. Initially, all classes were run at schools. When some players became competitive, combined training times at a central venue was found, and the club went from strength to strength.


More details about the achievements of the club will be added here soon.