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04/02/2018                Kata Classes - Anybody Interested ???

 Interested in learning Katame-no-Kata and Goshin-Jitsu ? Will also be touching on Nage-no-Kata every week.

If that is you, email Johan at (or text) to express interest. Classes will probably be on Saturday afternoons, but will be confirmed once interest is known.


03/02/2018                 Classes on Waitangi Day as per normal schedule

Normal class schedule started for 2018 on Friday 2 February. Stanmore Bay Primary was the first school class of the year.


10/12/2017                  Award Winners : 2017


Congratulations to everyone who was nominated for the awards, and a special word of congratulations to the eventual winners. It was not an easy task to make these choices because of so many outstanding performers.























26/11/2017                   New Black Belt in the Club

Congrats to Lewis Peart on getting his black belt. He traveled all the way to Wellington to do his kata, and he was successful. Welcome to the black belt club. A Judo Black Belt is not some mystical"thing", it is just a white belt who never gave up.


26/11/2017                    JudoKwai low grade competition

Good work by the crew that attended the Judokwai competition, and, as usual, a very good event hosted by Paul and his crew. Here are the Nippon medal winners :

Gold : Charlotte, Dana, Davit, Liam Turner, Mason, Michael, Baker

Silver : Kris, Tom, King

Bronze : Josh, Zach, Rocco, Liam Mackenzie


4/10/2017                       National Championships - Results

An extremely successful event for Team Nippon at the 2017 National Championships. All participants are congratulated and also very appreciative of parents, training partners, coaching staff, supporters and everyone else who helped them get ready for this event.

We won a total of 32 medals : 12 Gold, 13 Silver, and 7 Bronze. Outstanding!!!!!!


Gold medals : Justine (2), Jurlina* (2), Tatalong, Mitchell*, Michael*, Hollie, Kris, Keir*, Amelie*, Jonny. (* First time champions)

Silver : Lewis (2), Jurlina, Meghan, Keegan, Blake P, Amber, Lucy, Blake S, Tom, Matz, Charlotte, Teddy

Bronze : Vinay, Keegan, Zeke, Elizabeth, Josh, Phoenix, Charlotte.


20/09/2017                     South Island Champs Results


As usual, our players had a reasonable outing at the South Island Championships in Christchurch over the weekend of 16/17 September. A total of 24 medals won by the 17 competitors.


Here are the names of the medal winners


Gold (10) : Kris, David, Lucy, Jonny, Jurlina (2), Justine (2), Gavan, Meghan

Silver (7) : Lucy, Meghan, Keegan, Lewis (2), Blake, Jurlina

Bronze (7) : Gavan, Keir, Meghan, Theo, Blake, Kris, Baker


Now to get ready for Nationals at the end of the month.


23/08/2017                     Jurlina on the podium in Sydney - twice


Jurlina popped across the ditch to compete in the Sydney International. She won bronze medals in both the junior and the cadets. Job well done!!!


23/08/2017                                Results - Howick Club Open


Team Nippon dropped in on Howick Club on 20 August, to compete in their Club Open. We had newbies from 5 years old, right up to 53 years of age. Everybody gave it their all, and the team came away with 32 Medals.


Judo is truly a sport for young and old, as our delegation showed on the weekend.


Here are the names of the medal winners :


Gold (14) : Charlotte, King, Kris, Phoenix, Jonny, Morgan, David (2), Gavan, Beyers, Keegan, Mackenzie, Lucy, Hollie

Silver (13) : Sophie, Elizabeth, Keegan, Amber, Keith, Paul, Davit, Jake, Josh, Baker, Mason, Reuben, Jaden

Bronze (5) : Justin, Jude, Devon, Ryan, Sorato


10/08/2017                     Results of the Auckland International Open 

A very tough and well-run event, with some good results for our team, and many players getting very close to get into the medals in their first Auckland International. In total, Nippon players won 12 gold medals, 7 silver medals, and 7 bronze medals. Here are the names :

Gold : Tatalong, Lewis, Mitchell, Amber, Jurlina (2), David, Jonny, Kris, Hollie, Elizabeth, Matz

Silver : Emma, Keegan, Jurlina, Charlotte, Gavan, Phoenix, Lucy

Bronze : Lewis, Vinay, Keegan, Blake, Keir, Rafe, Teddy.

Great work everyone that competed - you did yourself proud.


09/07/2017                         Results of Secondary Schools Event

Well done to Rafe (gold) , Cristyn (gold and silver) and Nick (silver and bronze) with bagging medals at the NZ Secondary schools champs in Christchurch. Hope you get the recognition from your schools for your achievements.


02/07/2017                     Changes in Judo Fees as from Term 3/2017


Finally, after 8 years, it had to happen - the judo fees will go up from term 3 of 2017. The increase will still keep the judo fees well below the fees of similar activities. We will continue to offer so much more in terms of quality training partners and quality coaching than most of our martial arts and sporting colleagues. The new fee structure will be published on the website in the new section labelled "Starting Pack" in the next few days. It will be an increase of $ 2.00 per week only.


21/06/2017                   Sponsorship for two of our athletes

These two ladies received a sponsorship from FujiMae in NZ. Many thanks, Rene from Fuji Mae, both Emma and Justine will be great ambassadors for your company

Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, people standing and indoor


5/06/2017                         Results - Waikato BOP Championships - 3/4 June 


A very successful tournament for Team Nippon in Rotorua. A bit smelly around the place due to the sulphur hot water around, but that just inspired the players to do even better. A total of 38 medals won over the weekend - 16 gold, 11 silver, 11 bronze.

Here are the names of the medal winners :

Gold - Tatalong, Keegan (2), Lewis, Mitchell, Theo, Emma, Justine, Charlotte, Meghan, Jurlina, Jonny, Rafe, Kris, Elizabeth, Gavan

Silver - Blake, Mitchell, Keegan, Jurlina, Michael, Ryan, Keir, Chris, Matz, Lucy, Paul

Bronze - Lewis, Blake, Charlotte, Meghan, Jurlina, Liam, Luke, Amelie, Elizabeth, Teddy, Phoenix


Very well done to all. Now to get better for the Auckland International Championships on 29/30 July.


22/05/2017                    *****  (Not so) NEW ****SATURDAY KATA SESSIONS****


A new opportunity for everyone interested in kata for leisure or grading or competition purposes. A Kata session will be held on Saturday afternoons from 12:30 until 1:30. The first class was on Saturday 20 May 2017, covering the 4th set (ma-sutemi waza) of Nage-no-kata. The cost is $ 10 per session for players registered with Nippon Judo, and $ 20 for non-registered players.


The 5th group of Nage No Kata (Yoko Sutemi Waza) was on the agenda for Saturday 27 May. Next session on Saturday 10 June, was used as repetition and some real progress shown in terms of presentation of the last 2 sets of Nage No Kata. Next session, on 1/8 - First set of Nage No Kata. The session on 24 June will be a revision session.


No need to pre-register, just turn up on the day. However, make sure you know the techniques and the sequence that will be covered on the day.


22/05/2017                   Palmerston North Results


Keegan won the cadet division, and got silver medals in both junior and senior men on 20 May in Palmerston North. Blake won his first match, and then got injuredraw. and had to withd


17/05/2017                     Canterbury Open Results 

A great weekend out for the crew at the Canterbury Open in Christchurch. A total medal haul of 22, consisting of 11 Gold, 6 Silver, 4 Bronze.

Gold medals for Lewis (2), Keegan, Meghan, Jurlina, Cristyn, David, Gavan, Blake, Jonny and Lucy

Silver for Mitchell, Meghan, Cristyn (2), Jurlina, David and Lucy

Bronze : Mitchell, Keegan, Zeke and Meghan


4/05/2017                        National Training Camp - no more   

The National Training Camp which was provisionally scheduled for the first week of June, is not happening.

 In stead, Waikato took initiative to get former NZ Representative Ivica PAVLINIC, to host a clinic during the long weekend.

 The clinic will be on Sunday and Monday. Entries through the club. Participation is free for all cadets and older.


1/05/2017                            OJU Champs - Results


A very successful competition for our small delegation of 6 representatives. The event was held in Tonga.

Seniors - Emma Rouse - Gold medal and Oceania Champion. Justine Bishop - Silver medal. Vinay Reddy - Bronze

Juniors - Cristyn Jones - Silver. Charlotte Pryce-Jones - Bronze

Cadetss - Cristyn - Gold


10/04/2017                     Wellington Open


A small squad travelled to Kapiti to compete in the Wellington Open. Here are their results :

Keegan - 2 gold medals

Emma - 1 gold and 1 silver

Lewis - 1 gold and 1 silver

Blake - silver

Mackenzie - bronze


02/04/2017                     Judokwai Junior Championships

A good day out in Glenfield for the Nippon Junior crew. A total of 33 medals won by :

Gold (10) - Jude, Kris, Stanley, Matz, Mason, Phoenix, Jonny, Rafe, Elizabeth and Lucy

Silver (12) - Bede, Tom, Durandt, Charlotte, Liam, George,Tate, Keir, Luke, Elliot, Michael, Jade

Bronze (11) - Rocco, Richard, Matthijs, Josh, Torr, Baker, Reuben, Oliver, Liam, Noah, Lenny.


Well done, Team Nippon Nippers.


12/03/2017                       Queensland International Open


Great Tour to Queensland for our members who were part of the Auckland squad. Hard training beforehand at the Ohori Club in Brisbane, and then a successful event on the Gold Coast.

Double gold for Cristyn, silver for Justine, and bronze each for Tatalong, Mitchell and a double for Jurlina.


18/12/2016             Honour's List 2016



Ryan Jeffery



Gary Rouse


Emma Rouse

Cameron Baker



Viola Haupt



Charlotte Pryce-Jones



Emma Rouse/Tatalong H'rong







17/12/2016             New Zealand Rankings at the end of 2016 


2016 Nippon Members with their Best NZ Rankings


1st Place



2nd Place


3rd Place



Gavan Brunton mm73

Kris Hollings jb24

Tatalong Hannarong sm60

Lewis Peart jm6 - 4

Vinay Reddy sm81

Jonny Milne jb28

Ryen Jeffery sm73

Morgan B-Kennedy 4

Zeke Thornton sb66

Gary Rouse mm73

Mitchell Bond jm100

Helen Ross sw52 - 4

Emma Rouse sw52

Cameron Baker jm81

Rafe Beaman sb40

Amber Rouse sg45- 4

Charlotte Pryce-Jones jw 52

Blake Platt sb55

Matz Beaman jb28

Keir Beaman sb36 - 5

Charlotte Thomas cw78

Daniel Kalepa jb40

Phoenix Boltar jb32

Mackenzie Bond - 5

Lucy Brunton sg36

Viola Haupt jw70

Justine Bishop sw52

Keegan Rautenbach 6

Cristyn Jones cw63


Elizabeth Tickner sg32

Amelie Back sg 45 -6



Holly Rouse sg36

Danni Coutts - 7



David Milne mm73

Anton Hammond - 10




Liam Back sb36 - 14




Fynn Kellmann - 15




Justin Maclaren - 4




Anton Venter - 4



07/11/2016              Another Senior Grade


Congrats to Vinay on passing his examination for his 3rd Dan. Job well done. He now joins Gary and Justine as the 3rd Dan black belt holders in the club. We can't wait for the next person to join them.


14/10/2016              NZ Nationals 2016


The 2016 NZ National Championships has now come and gone. All that remains, is for us to congratulate every person involved in the preparation of our athletes to compete at this event. This circle of excellence includes the athletes, their parents, training partners, coaching staff and club administrators. It was a really good performance of our athletes. Here are the names of the 36 medal winners and new black belts :

1st Dan black belt - Cameron Baker

2nd Dan black belt - Emma Rouse and Tatalong Hannarong

3rd Dan black belt - Justine Bishop

Gold medals (12) : Ryan, Cameron, Blake, Emma, Viola, Charlotte, Gary, Kris, Phoenix, Cristyn (2), Emma/Tatalong (Kata)

Silver (7) : Viola, Gavan, Zeke (2), Jonny, Mitchell, Lucy

Bronze (17) : Tatalong, Cameron, Helen, Mackenzie, Keir, Rafe, Matz, Daniel, Morgan, Elizabeth, Holly, Amber, Dani, Mitchell, Justine and David (both in kata), Vinay


05/10/2016              New Dojo - Silverdale


We have secured the use of a new dojo in Silverdale. This will be in operation from 10 October, and the first class there will be on 12 October 2016. The Tuesday classes in Silverdale have now moved to Wednesday as from the 12th, and the Friday class will not happen until further notice.


The address of the new dojo is 34E Peters Way, Silverdale. Parking is limited inside the fence of this complex, but there is enough space in the street to park.


So, Coasties - see you all on the 12th at the new premises......... 


19/9/2016                Results of the South Island Championships

Gold (5)  : Zeke, Blake, Cristyn, Gavan, Jonny, Tatalong

Silver (5) : Mackenzie (2), Lucy, Justin, David

Well done, everyone that competed.


07/09/2016           Results from the North Island Championships

Super performances from the squad in Wellington. Really proud of everyone that competed. Here are the medallists :

Gold (14) - Vinay, Zeke, Emma, Lucy, Cristyn (2), Elizabeth, Kris, Daniel, Viola (4), Gavan

Silver (7) - Ryan, Cameron (3), Rafe, Matz, Cristyn

Bronze (10) - Lewis, Gavan, Keegan (2), Keir, Daniel, Zeke, Jonny, Emma, Mackenzie


Our German import, Viola, won the trophy for the winner of the Open weight category, taking over from Justine, who won it in 2015.


29/08/2016           Metro Results


Great competition in Hamilton, thanks to Terry and Dianne.

Jude and Keegan won gold, Makenzie and Reuben got silver, and Zeke got bronze. Well one to all.


14/08/2016           Howick Competition was fun and competitive

More than 150 athletes made the trek to the Howick competition on Sunday 14 August. Lots of new faces on the mat playing and refereeing, as well as officials doing table duties. Always good to see new faces.

Team Nippon had good results, ending the day with a total of 21 medals. Here are the names of the medal winners :

Gold : Faris, Jude, Jonny, Amelie

Silver : Gavan, Durandt, Kris, Sophie, Keegan Rice, Keegan Rautenbch, Zeke, Oliver, Lucy, Amber, Maya, Mackenzie, Daniel

Bronze : Rafe, Ryan,  Matz and Charlotte

Congrats to all

01/08/2016            Results from Auckland and Bangkok       

Emma was in Bangkok over the weekend for the Thailand Open. She won her first match, but then could not get across the line in her next 2 matches, unfortunately. So she was placed 5th.

In Auckland, it was a different story. A total number of 25 medals were won in the Auckland International Opens. Here are the names ofthe medal winners :

Gold - Charlotte Pryce-Jones and Charlotte Thomas (2), Cristyn, Hollie and Gavan

Silver - Lewis (2), Vinay, Cameron, Zeke, Cristyn, Lucy, Daniel, Amber, Charlotte, Amelie and David

Bronze - Kristopher, Jonny, Matz, Daniel, Charlotte, Mackenzie and Morgan


Well done to all.

08/07/2016           NZ Intermediate and Secondary Schools Championships

Probably the worst results ever for the club last Sunday in the NZ Secondary schools championships. This is due to the re-building of the competition squad, so not really unexpected. One full set of medals : Gold for Anber, Silver for Finn and Bronze for Mackenzie. Got to be better next year.

In the Intermediate Schools event, our girls were fantastic, going 1-2 in both categories that we contested. Lucy and Amelie won gold, and Hollie and Amber won the silver medals.   Teddy made it look better for the boys, with a bronze medal.                                                                                                                                    

5/06/2016           WBOP Results

Great weather, great venue, great competition, and great results for Team Nippon in the build-up to the major events coming up in the next few months. A total of 31 medals, won by the following athletes :

Gold : Ryan, Vinay, Anton, Justine, Cristyn (2), Blake, Charlotte, Lucy, Amber, Amelie and Gary

Silver : Emma, Cristyn (2), Cameron (2), Keir, Kris, Elizabeth, David and Anton

Bronze : Keegan, Fynn, Liam, Zeke (2), Keegan Rice, Phoenix, Daniel and Hollie

14/05/2016        Canterbury Open

A good medal haul on Day 1 of the Canterbury Opens.

Gold to Vinay (welcome back), Gavan, Viola (3), Blake, Cristyn (2) and Charlotte.

Silver to Justin and Charlotte, and a bronze to Zeke. Job well done!!!!

Day 2 brought a gold rush for Morgan, Zeke and Blake, and bronze for Lucy and Morgan

9/04/2016             Oceania Results 2016

Justine has won the gold medal at the 2016 OJU Championships in Canberra. This title comes about 10 years after her first Oceania title, as a junior. Congrats to her.

Emma was within one score away from her first Oceania title, just losing to the reigning champion in her final match. So, so close ........Next Time, no doubt.

Lewis got knocked over in his match, but mighty congratulations on getting into the NZ National Team and competing. He did get a silver medal though.

Gary was also in the NZ Team for the first time. Unfortunately, due to low numbers, he had to fight in a higher weight category, and that was just out of reach for him.

27/03/2016          Results from Gisborne

A small, but powerful club contingent, headed to Gisborne over Easter, to compete in the EC Championships. Cameron was the star winning a gold and two silver medals, Ronan and Gavan won a gold each. Raewyn made her debut as a competitor, and had to compete in the open weight division. Vikki and Lucy also had hit-outs, but came back without medals. But good experience gained.

24/03/2016           Harry O'Rourke

It is with deep sadness that we learnt about the passing of Mr Harry O'Rourke. Harry worked for judo over many, many years. He was President of JudoNZ for many years, as well as President of the Commonwealth Judo Association. Our club is also closely linked to Harry. It was Harry O'Rourke who convinced our founder, Johan Boshoff, to immigrate to New Zealand in stead of Australia or Canada.

14/03/2016           Western Junior Open - 13 March

After a marathon event, a loooong day ended with a reasonable medal haul for Team Nippon. Gold medals for Elizabeth, Lucy, Kris, Jonny, Matz, Morgan, Blake and Keegan. Silver for Sophie, Jade, Phoenix, Rafe, Zeke and Tom. Bronze to Siena, Liam, Cooper, Keir, Baker and Keegan Rice.

Special mention to the parents who made it through the marathon day in the warm dojo.

14/03/2016           Justine competing in South America

Justine had a win in the event in Peru, placing 7th in the event. Missed out in Argentina, and now coming home to prepare for the Oceania Championships

05/03/2016           Queensland International Open

Well done to the team doing the QIO Judo Competition. Gold medals for Cristyn and Lucy, silver for Blake, and a bronze for Cristyn as well.

NZ Ranked Players

2015 Nippon Members with NZ Rankings


1st Place

Keir Beaman jb36

2nd Place

William Hays jb24


Jade Milne 6sg36


Rafe Beaman 8jb36


Lucy Brunton jg36


Char Thomas sg+60


Blake Platt 4sb45


Kris Hollings 4jb24


Kobe Phillip jb40


Annezka Joubert jw63


Dan O'hof 11 sb40


Braden Mcgregor4jb


Amaya Phillip jg24


Emma Rouse sw48


Bran Lilley 5cm73


Jonny Milne 5jb28


Hollie Rouse sg32


Stig Svendsen sw+78


Ryan Jeffery 5sm81


Phoenix Boltar 10jb


Amber Rouse sg36


Cam Baker cm81


Zeke Thornton 6sb60


Daniel Kalepa 7jb36


Cristyn Jones sg60


Keegan R'bach cm60


Lenny Thornton 6jb


Luke Thomson 8jb45


Lewis Peart cm60

 3rd Place

Elizabeth Ticknerjg28





Justine Bishop sw52







Alex Bishop sm66